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Parthian Coins
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Elymais Kamnaskires-Orodes (III) Late 2nd Century AD, Drachm, 14mm. Susa mint? Ob.: Facing bust, hair in two large bunches at sides; anchor symbol and crescent at right. Rv.: Random dashes. BMC Arabia, etc. pg. 269, 90 (pl. XLI, 8); Alram 486 var.; Sear Greek Imperial pp582-5, nos 5884-5921.

The Kingdom of Elymais - a satrapy of the Parthians with its capital at Susa - near the outlet of the rivers Tigris & Euphrates into the Persian Gulf.  Elymias is sometimes also referred to as the "Kingdom of Susiana".

This coin appears to be what was once a silver-washed AE drachm of Kamnaskir-Orodes III c. 192 A.D., deMorgan 50. There are a few others who issued facing-bust, moon & star, and anchor obverses with the "gibberish inscription" of meaningless dashes on the Rx., but yours seems to resemble  Orodes-Kamnaskir's style the closest with the upswept hair on the bust.

Attribution and notes provided by Mark Lehman, Robin Baker and Josh Moran.

Parthian Satraps-Elymais, Prince A, AE Drachm, Late 2nd-Early 3rd Century AD
(No legend)
Parthian-style, diademed, draped bust left, anchor behind
(No legend)
Artemis standing right, bow in left hand, drawing arrow with right from quiver on back
13mm x 14mm, 2.46g
van Haaff, 19.1.1-1A
Ex Pegasi Numismatics, Central States, April 2010

Indo-Parthian Satraps (Paratarajas), Yolamira, AR Drachm, 6th-7th Century AD
(No legend)
Parthian-style bust of king right, dotted border
Brahmi script (Yolamirasa Bagarevaputrasa Parataraja)
Legend surrounding large swastika
14mm x 15mm, 3.79g
P. Tandon 22b

Notes from Asif Balloo on March 25, 2009: Paratarajas were local Indo-Parthian Satraps, who ruled an area between modern Loralai in Baluchistan and Multan. Their coinage and history has not been fully understood, but hopefully with the discovery of more coins, more insight into their history will come to light.